Cost-Effective Collagen Products

HBS’s KollagenTM products help health care professionals manage overall wound care costs. Often, wound treatment involves a long and complicated process in which costs are difficult to measure. Health care providers will find that Medifil® II and Skin Temp® II products enhance the body's own natural healing capabilities and help achieve cost-effective wound management outcomes.

Achieving outcome-based wound healing can be a challenging process. Few universally accepted methods or definitions exist, and wound care outcomes vary from study to study. Although wound dressings amount to only 10% to 15% of total wound care expenses, many clinicians use conventional, less expensive dressings to reduce their overall costs. However, dressings with a lower unit cost can be cost prohibitive if they require more dressing changes and longer healing times.

Cost models and field data suggest that KollagenTM products achieve cost effective outcomes. Patients using Medifil® II and SkinTemp® II can require fewer support costs, such as reduced dressing changes and less nursing time. As a result, their overall wound care costs can be greatly reduced.

Surgical and Traumatic Wound Cost Comparison Table



Traditional Dressing

Treatment Time to Closure

8 days

12 days

Primary Dressing Cost



Secondary Dressing Cost



Support Cost



Total Cost



Chronic Wound Cost Comparison Table



Traditional Dressing

Treatment Time to Closure


180 days

Primary Dressing Cost



Secondary Dressing Costs



Support Costs



Total Costs



Wound Closure Rate



Cost per Healed Wound



Cost Analysis: Kollagen Dressings vs. Traditional Dressings

On wounds of varying etiologies, regiments utilizing KollagenTM reduce the need of nursing care and dressing changes.

  • PAIP = Post-Operative Acute Infected Paronychia
  • PCP = Post-Operative Chronic Paronychia
  • USOCMA = Ulcer Secondary to OTC Corn Med Application
  • CFV = Crytherapy for Verruca
  • PU = Pressure Ulcers
  • UVI = Ulcer with Infection
  • NDU = Neurotrophic Diabetic Ulcer
  • INUWO = Ischemic Neurotrophic Ulcer with Osteomye
  • NUWTI = Neurotrophic Ulcer with Tendon Involvement
  • RVU = Rheumatoid Vasculitic Ulcers

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