A podiatrist’s amazing experience with collagen

About a year ago a sales representative called on me to present information on KollagenTM. When he closed his presentation to me, he said, “Doctor , give me your worst case.” I looked at him skeptically and thought, “Yeah , right buddy. You want it, you got it.”

I had a patient who was slated for an A-K amputation due to rheumatoid vasculitis, no blood flow, osteomyelitis, and open draining infected ulcer associated with his fourth toe. I had worked diligently with this patient for six months, having tried numerous IV and oral antibiotics, serial debridement, and multiple assorted topical products. It seemed that all i was doing was losing ground. As the patient continued to get sicker from the diseased toe, the decision had been made to amputate the leg.

Several hours later, patient presented as I was about to explain the A-K amputation to him. (I had checked with the internist and the surgeon who was going to do the amputation and obtained clearance for the patient to remain under my care for an additional week). I presented this concept of Kollegen TM application and had the sales representative apply the material to the patient.

I was honest with my patient after the sales rep left. I told him flat out that I had absolutely no experience with this material, although, I vaguely recalled hearing different things about it over the years. My patient’s comment to me was, “Well, doc, you were going to take my leg off away. What else do I have to lose?”

One week later, the patient returned to my clinic. I inspected the wound and saw granular wound healing cells for the first time on this case. Needless to say, I was stunned.

To this day, this patient has all 10 toes, wear shoes, and has even regenerated a toenail on the affected toe. There is minimal residual scarification associated with the digit.

Posted by - Lawrence O. Kollenberg, D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S.

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