Use of a Lyophilized Bovine Collagen Matrix in Postoperative Wound Healing

BACKGROUND: Immediate reconstruction is the preferred ap-proach to the management of defects following Mohs micro-graphic surgery. In a minority of patients, however, reconstruc-tion is contraindicated, and a long-term biological dressing that stimulates wound healing and minimizes wound care is desirable. OBJECTIVE. We wanted to assess the utility of a lyophilized, type I bovine collagen matrix (SkinTemp) in wound care and wound healing following Mohs micrographic surgery.

RESULTS: The use of bovine collagen matrix provided more rapid wound healing than traditional second intention healing at all anatomic sites studied. The time to complete healing aver-aged 6.1 weeks with bovine collagen matrix versus 9.4 weeks for the control group. Use of bovine collagen matrix required an average of 3.0 dressing changes weekly compared to 7.0 changes weekly in the control group. There were no wound in-fections or allergic reactions to it.

CONCLUSIONS: A Type I bovine collagen matrix provided a safe, readily available alternative to traditional methods of sec-ond intention healing. It minimized wound care while reducing the time for complete healing. A larger study should be per-formed to confirm the results of this pilot study.


Department of Dermatology, Section of Dermatologic and Laser Surgery, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut

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